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I was happily surprised when I worked out the nutrition on this recipe. The serving size is big and the dish is so filling but there’s still plenty of room to add more veggies or proteins to customize this to be exactly what you want! The trick that makes this rice so delicious is that it’s cooked almost like risotto where instead of boiling it in water, it’s cooking in and absorbing flavorful tomato, onions & garlic! I used my favorite chipotle seasoning (Chorizo blend from Williams Sonoma) blend but you could also just use a packet seasoning or your own mix.

Here’s some other great healthy additions:

  • Vegan: avocado, green beans, peppers/ chilies (fresh or dried), pinto beans, okra, carrots, spinach, kale, even mango or grilled pineapple!
  • Vegetarian: cheddar/ light cheddar, low fat sour cream (or greek yogurt), queso sauce, egg whites/ scrambled eggs, vegetarian “meats”
  • Carnivore: grilled chicken, shrimp, grilled turkey, lean ground meat
  • You could also try wrapping this up in large romaine leaves for fantastic lettuce wraps!

For more easy healthy meal ideas go here!

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